Latvia is represented in the Baltic Road Association by the State Joint Stock Company “Latvian State Roads”.

There are 20 131 km of state roads in Latvia, their density in the country is approx. 312 km per 1,000 km2 and 10.1 km per 1,000 population.

Latvian State Roads

Since October 26, 2004, the Latvian State Roads is a State Joint Stock Company that operates according to Company Statutes and the Agreement “On Road Sector Management” signed with its main client – the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia. The State Joint Stock Company “Latvian State Roads” is 100 % owned by the state. The shares are managed by the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia. State Joint Stock Company “Latvian State Roads” is the legal successor of the former Latvian Road Administration and now fulfils the same road administration and management functions.  

Tasks of the Latvian State Roads:

  • implement the counting, registration, management and protection of state roads
  • prepare the strategy for state road network preservation and development
  • administer the state road financing
  • organise public procurement in the road sector
  • organise and control road network design, construction, repairs and maintenance
  • prepare legal acts of the branch and control their implementation
  • co-ordinate traffic safety organisation on roads
  • supervise the construction, maintenance and protection of parish, company and household roads
  • consulting and services in the road sector
  • organisation of training, seminars and conferences
  • business activities for better implementation of targets and tasks set in the Statutes.

For more information, please, refer to the LSR website: